Build Process

Step 1. Property and Houseplan

Our first step is to guide you through selecting and designing your new home and placing it on your chosen property.  We have property you can choose, or we can also discuss the best location for your new home on your property.  Using your ideas, our experts can modify an existing houseplan or create a new one to achieve the details of your new home.  We will conclude this step with a detail plan of action and a final houseplan.

Step 2. Selections and Cost

With the house plan and location determined, we are ready to put in place each member of our project team.  We will coordinate design and engineering experts, banking personnel, real estate professionals, people in governing approval positions, and other people as needed for your situation.  Dates and tasks will be finalized for each member of the project team.

Step 3. Construct Your Home

As the project progresses, we understand communication is important.  You can access our online project management tool to follow the project, and to communicate with us.  Our trade partners were developed based on loyalty, trust, and craftsmanship, and will follow our directions in providing you a quality result.

Step 4. Hand-off and Enjoy

At project completion our construction manager will walk the home with you to familiarize you with the home systems and finishes.  Then we follow up in 30 days, and again at eleven months to evaluate and optimize each system performance.  Our aim is the create a lifetime of enjoyment for you in your new home.